This blog is the result of 25 years of research.  For the first 20 or so years this information moldered in file folders, tucked away in boxes, but we reasoned that it is only useful if people can see it, so we began publishing on this platform in 2011.  At its inception we called this site Ballard of Virginia & Kentucky, but changed the name to Ballard of Virginia to reflect what it has become: the story of the families sharing the Ballard surname that settled in Virginia beginning in the mid-seventeenth century.  Certainly their progeny have gone on to other places: Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana and beyond, but the basic truth is that they all first set foot on these shores in Virginia.

In order to understand how these Ballard families are related, it has been necessary to study all of them.  The journey began with my own line and that of Thomas Ballard of James City County, Virginia (1630-1689).  Many researchers seek to connect to him, his being a distinguished and storied line; we are certainly no exception, but with the advent of “genetic genealogy,” we are now able to correct a lot of long-held (and often erroneous) family histories.

The Romantic genealogies from the late nineteenth- and early twentieth century are the foundation of many of today’s family trees.  Those works have value because they often contain information that is unavailable elsewhere; for example, they may have had access to records, particularly bible records and that like, that have since been lost or destroyed.  Others lack academic rigor, merely linking similar names without regard to space or time.  The goal of many of the early works seem to be to find a connection, however tenuous, to the landed gentry or even Royalty.  Pick up any old genealogy and inevitably the first plate is an image of the “family arms.”  The author of a work that appropriates a family’s arms in this manner is irresponsible, and the work immediately suspect, because usually there is no familial connection at all.

Surname-focused DNA tests allow genealogists to verify their father’s father’s . . . father’s paternal ancestry, and it can be very powerful when combined with traditional paper trails. The information is useful only when combined with a well-researched family history.

As outlined on the projects’ website, the Ballard DNA Surname Project was started to:

    • Help researchers from common or related families work together to find their shared heritage.
    • Identify how the participant’s families are connected, both genetically and through paper trails.
    • Identify and confirm genetic Lineages of ancestral families.
    • Ultimately catalog pedigrees and genetic connections of all of the known project families.

Patterns have emerged in the Ballard DNA Surname Project.  The families participating in the project are grouped based on their Haplogroups, which are further refined by comparing the “short tandem repeat” (STR) markers.  Participants are placed in Lineage groups based on these similarities.  The more markers that are tested, the greater the reduction in the range of generations back to a common ancestor.  The individuals in each Lineage group are closely related in a “genealogical time frame,” which is defined as the most recent one to fifteen generations.

To help understand what that means, Family Tree DNA has created charts that explains how to understand genetic distance depending on the level of testing chosen.  The 111-Marker level is presently the highest available.  The next level down, with 67-Markers, is also very informative.  There are corresponding charts for each Marker level; visit Family Tree DNA for additional information.  For genealogical purposes, each Lineage Group, while sharing a surname, do not share the same genetic information and therefore, within a genealogical time frame, are separate families.  There may be a common ancestor, but it is likely one who lived prior to the adoption of surnames in Western Europe — in that context, we are talking about a very long time.

According to David Boyett, Administrator of the Ballard DNA Project, as of January 2015,

The Ballard Project continues to grow with over 130 members and 15 different unrelated DNA lines. Of the 15 groups, 6 share a distant (back thousands of years) common ancestor in the Haplogroup R1b. R1b is the most common group for all surnames from England, Ireland and Scotland (British Isles). The other group is Haplogroup I2a. Each group has taken additional testing to confirm deep history back to Anglo, Saxon, Viking and other early tribes. We also have some families with a rare Haplogroup F that goes back from the Virginia Colony to England and France.

Take a moment to study this chart.  Each participant submitted a short genealogy chronicling their male line as best they knew.  You will see from the chart that individuals in both Lineage Group I (one person, No. 157224) and Lineage Group III (two people, Nos. 275010 and 115902) claim descent from Thomas Ballard of James City County.  From what we know of y-DNA testing, this is not possible; it could be one or the other, but definitely not both.  Or neither.  All of the genealogies that assert a connection claim descent from William Ballard and Philadelphia ________, who this researcher, based on the evidence presented in this site, does not believe that this William is the son of Thomas Ballard; rather, the records show (and sadly, there are very few) that William Ballard, son of Thomas of James City County, lived and died in that part of Charles City County that was once part of James City County.  One additional person in Lineage Group III includes William and Philadelphia as ancestors (No. 157027), but does not claim Thomas.

This compiler has been placed in Lineage Group I, and that family has been the focus of this research.  Those placed in Lineage Group I descend from a Ballard family that settled in Virginia in the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century in the area that eventually became Caroline County in 1727.  Ancestry prior to 1700 is unclear.

Lineage Group II, which is also studied here, is unique for having documentation in the form of a ship’s passenger list from 1659 proving a point of origin, and good evidence of a place of residence in Virginia.  Unfortunately they settled in Nansemond County (now the independent city of Suffolk), but the country records have burned on three occasions and sorting out the families there is quite challenging.  This is complicated by a major boundary adjustment that took place in 1729, when the North Carolina line was moved north approximately 50 miles, and families thought to have “moved” to North Carolina did no such thing; North Carolina came to them.  Fortunately the records in many of those northeast North Carolina counties have not suffered the fate Nasemond endured, and the families can be traced there in later generations. The remaining Lineage Groups, to date, either show origins in other places, such as England and New England, or states as diverse as Texas, Alabama and Mississippi, or lack the critical mass needed to definitively place a point of origin and identify a “patriarch.”  This will change as more men join the project.

Lineage Group I or one of the other Lineage Groups may very well descend from that Thomas Ballard, but to date, no male that has documented descent from him has been tested, or that connection has not been made, either for the loss of records or a failure to complete a comprehensive research project.  We need confirmation.  In order to truly sort out these early relationships, there would need to be participants who trace their descent from proven descendants of:

This information would help prove whether or not Bland Ballard of Spotsylvania County and his brothers do descend from the “the Founder,” Thomas Ballard of James City County, Virginia, and perhaps shed light on the relationship with the Maryland branches.  Testing would also provide evidence that our unproven assertion that the the Ballards of Mecklenburg County descend from Thomas of James City County and the Ballards of Charles City County.

Many researchers are increasingly relying on what they find on the Internet, while there are numerous repositories with documents yet to be studied and published.  The cruel irony of genetic genealogy is that usually those being tested are those with the least amount of knowledge about their families.

Our confidence in the pedigrees appearing in the Ballard DNA Project would be greater if we were provided with sources and justifications, along with the assumptions. We have tried on this website to outline our assumptions, though at times some groups are, at best, an educated guess based on our knowledge of the history of the region and settlement patterns.  We hope that the reader takes “probably” or “likely” to mean just that, and not assume that sentences containing these phrases constitute “proof.”  As a rule, we will only include information that is derived from primary sources, meaning those records that were created contemporaneously with the event documented.  Many online genealogies, for example, will cite as “proof” a listing from some other compiler’s online family tree, or a book of dubious scholarship, such as William Ballard Derby’s Ballard-Ballord Bits (1978).  Certainly secondary sources (those created by others using primary and secondary sources) have been consulted, but unless proof in the form of citation to documentation is included, that information will be removed as these pages are revised and updated.  In some cases pages included herein are “place holders” while research continues, and some family trees borrowed from others to use as templates while we work out the details.  In the course of refining and editing we may have erred by retaining such information, and will remove it when it is discovered.

In the work at hand, naming patterns and allied families do provide clues, and present persuasive evidence when analyzed in conjunction with surviving records.  But definitive proof of the ancestors of Bland Ballard, Sr of Spotsylvania County, Thomas and John Ballard of Albemarle Counties, Richard Ballard of Caroline and Bedford Counties, and William Ballard of Caroline County, Virginia and Rowan County, North Carolina  — the “patriarchs” of Lineage Group I of the Ballard DNA Project — still eludes us. So for now, we content ourselves by identifying their father as an unnamed “Progenitor.”  The results of additional y-DNA tests, coupled with those individuals family histories, may provide that proof.  One of these days we may even bridge the Atlantic and connect to the Ballard families in the United Kingdom.

Thank you for visiting, and feel free to post questions, comments, and most of all, share information you may have that no one else does.  If you’ve found your way here, no doubt your Ballard heritage interests you — so if you are a male descendant, please join us and participate in the Ballard DNA Project.  Family Tree DNA offers occasional discounts; contact David Boyett for details.

– Stephen M. Ballard

Saxe, Virginia
March 2015.


Below are the brief genealogies provided by each participant in Lineage Group I of the Ballard DNA Project.  If known, there are links to the appropriate page within this site.  Visit these pages to see the participant genealogies for Lineage Group II and for Lineage Group III.  To see the genealogies of all the participants, please visit the Ballard DNA Surname Project.


Ysearch ID: KQ276 N40008
1. Thomas Ballard b. 1717
2. Bland Ballard b. 1735
3. Garland Ballard b. 1786
4. Warner Ballard b. 1816
5. Robert Louis Ballard b. 1851
6. William Mac Ballard b. 1893
7. Bill Ballard b. 1925


Ysearch ID: UGUTY
1. George Washington Ballard b. Nov 1830 VA d. 7 Jun 1900 Pike Co AR
m. Sarah Boswell b. abt 1852 Tate Co MS, d. 21 Sep 1915 Pike Co AR
2. George Washington Ballard Jr. b. 3 Aug 1879 VA, d. 20 Jun 1951 Pike
m. Jane Alvin Cocke b. 27 Sep 1879 Tate Co MS, d. 4 Feb 1919 Pike Co


George Washington Ballard b. Nov 1830 VA d. 7 Jun 1900 Pike Co AR
m. Sarah Boswell b. abt 1852 Tate Co MS, d. 21 Sep 1915 Pike Co AR


Ysearch ID: HPTWW
1. William Ballard b. 1813 d. 1863 TN
m. Rachel b. 1820 TN d. c 1880 TN
2. Thomas Maston Ballard b. 1839 TN
m. Emma Savannah Cochran b. 1852 NC, d, aft. 1900
3. Grover Cleveland Ballard b. 21 Jun 1883 TN d 1965 AL
m. Minnie Violt Ford b. 1895 TN d. 11 Mar 1978 GA


Ysearch ID: HPTWW
1. William Henry Ballard 1813


See John Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1722-c.1779).

Ysearch ID: 87674
1. John Ballard b. c 1755
m. Elizabeth James
2. Joseph Ballard b. 9 Nov 1784
m. Sallie Arwood
3. David Ballard b. 25 Apr 1823
m. Nancy Vian Harwood
4. John Henry Ballard b. 23 Oct 1844
m. Mary Jane Reeves

Ronald Jack Adams (adopted), birth name:
Kenneth James Ballard b. Set 12 1931 Rush Co IN, probably Anderson or Muncie
d. Feb 2 1986 Redlands, CA


William Ballard, b. ? in Virginia, d. abt. 1845 in IN, m. Elizabeth ?, b. 1805-06 in Virginia, d. ?[material gathered from 1840/1850 Federal Census for IN]
l. Fletcher Ballard, b. 1831 in Tenn., d. abt. 1860 in IN,
m. Vashti Baylor b. 1831, m. 9 Dec 1852, Crawford Co. IN
2. Jacob Clarence Ballard, b.18 Nov 1853, Corydon, IN. d. 2 Oct 1889 in Oaktown, IN,
m. Sarah Elizabeth Robinson b. 18 Jan 1856, at Knox Co. IN m. 27 Nov 1872 Knox Co
3. John Henry Ballard, b. 8 Aug 1875, Sullivan Co. IN. d. 11 Jun 1942 Sullivan Co.
m. Flora Alice Cox b. 7 Nov 1881 at Plainfield, IN, m. 30 Mar 1897
4. Ray Eveleth Ballard, b. 29 Sep 1917, Dugger, IN, d. 21 Apr 1994 Melbourne, Fl.
m. Violet May Richards b. 13 Mar 1919, Ironwood, MI m. 16 Dec 1944


1. Thomas Ballard b abt 1620-1630 England????? d 24 Mar 1688-89 Middle Plantation, York co, Va
m Ann Thomas b bef 21 Mar, 1637-38 England, d 26 Sep 1678
2. Thomas Ballard b abt 1654, Middle Plantation, York co, Va d bet 1706-1711 Middle Plantation, York co, Va
3. William Ballard b abt 1687 James City co, Va d 2 Oct 1754 King & Queen co, Va
m Philadelphia Ludwell ( Lee??) b 1682 Essex co, Va, d aft 1754
4. Bland Ballard b abt 1700 Essex co, Va d 3 Jan 1792 Spotsylvania co, Va
m Mary Deering b 1710, Orange co, Va d aft 1753
5. John Ballard b 1734 Spotsylvania co, Va d Jul 1823 Madison Co, Ky
m Mary Ann Proctor b abt 1734 Spotsylvania co, Va
6. William Proctor Ballard b 2 Dec 1755 Spotsylvania co, Va d 1818 Bardstown, Ky
m (2) Mary Ann Woodard b 1784 in Maryland
7. William Proctor Ballard, Jr b 7 Feb 1809 Nelson County, Ky d 3 Nov 1899, Marion co, Ky.
m (2) Mary Jane Wheeler b abt 1810
8. George Hilary Ballard b 1 Sep 1846, Marion County, Ky d 28 Oct 1911
m Mary Emma Haydon b abt 1851 in Ky, d 26 Oct 1909
9. Evaristus Ballard b 16 Oct 1888 St Raphael Parrish, West Louisville, Daviess county, Ky d 27 Jan 1978
m Birdie Wayne Leigh b 1 Sep1894 Hebbardsville, Henderson County, Ky
10. Edmund Evaristus Ballard b 13 Feb 1914 Owensboro, Ky d 28 Nov 1995
m Mary Martine Howard b 14 Feb 1918 d 21 Jul 2007


1. Samuel Ballard b. 1810 Cherokee, TN d. 16 Mar 1863 Red Clay, TN
m. Susie Wolf NI-GU-DA-YI b. 1806 Cherokee, TN d. 1832 Indian City, Payne, OK
2. Alexander Ballard 1824-1864 Cookson, OK
m. Lucy Swimmer 1828-1945 Cookson, OK
3. Thomas Ballard b. 1845 d. 12 Mar 1886 OK
m. Caroline Eliza Romine b. 16 dec 1848 d 1902 OK
4. William Ballard 1874-1942 Indian Territory (IT) OK
m. Sallie Rattlinggourd b. 1879 IT OK d. 5 Jan 1956 Tulsa, OK
5. David Ute Ballard b. 17 Feb 1911 d. 15 Feb 1999 Tulsa, OK
m. Ruby Esther Fisher b. 31 Oct 1911 Peel, AR d. 26 Mar 1993 Tulsa, OK
6. Donald Le Roy Ballard b. 15 Feb 1933 d. 29 Feb 2002 Tulsa, OK
m. Sandra Irene Bell b. 8 May 1937


1. Bland Ballard b. 1759 Spotsylvania Co. VA d. 1853 Shelby Co. KY
Consort: Flora Unknown
2. Dowan Ballard b. c.1825 Ghent, KY d. 21 Jul 1909 Jackson, Madison Co. TN
m Matilda Bartlett b. 1835 d 7 Dec 1907 Jackson, Madison Co. TN m abt 1854
3. William Henry Ballard b. 31 Oct 1862 Franklin Co. KY d. 28 May 1954 Lexington, KY
m Elizabeth (Bessie) Hudson Brady b. 25 Jun 1870 Nashville, TN d. 19 Sept 1946 Lexington, Fayette Co. KY m 28 Dec 1892
4. Edward Hunter Ballard, Sr b. 2 Apr 1899 Lexington, Fayette Co. KY d. 26 Jun 1988 Los Angeles, CA
m Estelline Wilhite b. 19 Jun 1902 Birmingham, AL d. 13 Apr 1959 Los Angeles, CA m c. 1922
5. Edward Hunter Ballard, Jr. b. 2 Dec 1923 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY d. 5 Nov 2002 Las Vegas, NV
m 8 Jan 1945 New Orleans, LA


1. (Micajah Ballard?) b. c 1787 Bedford Co VA d. 1860 Campbell Co TN,
m Nancy Ryan
2. Silas Ballard b. c 1826 Campbell Co TN d c 1884 Union Co/Campbell Co? TN
m. Mary (Longmire?)
3. James Sherman Ballard b. 1867 Campbell Co TN d 1939 Campbell Co TN
m. Lockie Bridges
4. William McKinley Ballard b. 1898 Campbell Co TN d 1976 Campbell Co TN
m Rachel Capps


This William is probably William Jackson Ballard, son of John Ballard of Union County, South Carolina (1765-1838).

1. William Ballard b. abt 1797 South Carolina d. aft 1880 [Carroll Co., GA?]
m. Elizabeth b. abt 1800 SC
2. John Ballard b. abt 1830 [Anderson Co.?] SC d. aft 1880 [Dongola Co., IL?]
m. Sarah Mills b. Jan 1832 TN d. aft. 1900 [Stokes Precinct, Union Co., IL?]
3. Thomas Ballard b. Oct 1852 TN d. ca. 1920 (Sikeston Ward, Scott Co.?) MO
m. Mary Elizabeth Darnell b. Oct 1858 Sulphur Springs, Williamson Co., IL d. d. aft 1910 (Sikeston Ward, Scott Co.?) MO m. 1896
4. Elmer Otto Ballard b. 5 Jun 1895 Wayne Twp., Bollinger Co., MO d. 1 Mar 1969 Lilbourn, New Madrid Co., MO
m. Delia Belle Lawrence b. 2 May 1908 Catron, New Madrid Co., MO d. 7 Jan 1980 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI
5. Harvey Eugene Ballard b. 13 Dec 1935 Catron, New Madrid Co., MO
m. Marilyn Imogene Hambright b. 4 May 1939 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI m. 29 Sep 1955? Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI


See John Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1722-c.1779).

1. John Ballard b. 1755 m. Elizabeth James
2. Joseph Ballard b. 9 Nov 1794 d. Nov 1884 m. Sallie Elizabeth Arwood (Arrowood) 1815 Reems Cr. Valley, Buncombe County N.C. b. 1796 d. 1850.
3. David Ballard b. 25 Apr 1823 d. 2 Dec 1905 m. Nancy Vian Harwood b. 16 Mar 1825 d. 15 Dec 1909.
4. John Henry Ballard b. 23 Oct 1844 d. 8 Jul 1934 m. Mattie Honeycutt 23 Sep 1866 b. 25 Nov 1847 d. 5 Oct 1890, m. Mary Jane Reeves b. 1867 d. 1944.
5. Roscoe Ballard, from John Henry’s Ballard’s 2nd marriage to Mary Jane Reeves, b. 1896 d. 1977 m. Maria A. Pyde.
6. Roscoe Blaine Ballard Jr. b. 1931 m. Rita Munford


William Ballard b. Unknown d. Unknown
m. Unknown
Samuel Ballard b. Abt. 1780 Old Cherokee Nation East d.16 Mar 1863 in Red Clay, TN
m.Diana Otterlifter b. 1802 d. 1838
John Ballard b. 1827 in Cherokee, Georgia, USA d. 1865
m. Sarah Arthur b. 16 Jun 1830 in Cherokee Nation East, Habersham, Georgia, USA d. 5 Feb 1917 in Maysville, Washington, Arkansas, USA
Henry Clay Ballard b. 13 Nov 1860 in Prairie, Canadian, Oklahoma, USA d. 12 Feb 1952 in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA
m. Nancy Almira “Alma” Parks b. 20 May 1865 in Delaware, Cherokee, Oklahoma, USA d. 13 Oct 1957 in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA
Thomas Henry “Tom” Ballard b. 15 Oct 1900 in Oklahoma, USA d. 6 July 1983 in Grove, USA
m. Vinita Perry b. 17 August 1905 in Oklahoma, USA d. 29 May 1997 in Grove, OK


“In the list below, we can’t prove to everyone’s satisfaction that John Ballard is the father of Joseph Ballard, but very much believe this so.”

Thomas Ballard 1717 – 1781
m1. Susannah Hesson
Thomas died in Albemarle County, VA, where his Will, dated June 30, 1779 names his daughter-in-law Mourning but not her husband, his son, John. This implies that John Ballard predeceased his father. Records in Buncombe County, NC give more information.
John Ballard ca 1740 – ca 1779
m. Mourning (Miller ???) died in Kershaw County, SC about 1827. (from her estate file)
John Ballard ca 1765 – ca 1841
m. Elizabeth James
John Ballard and Samuel Ballard, brothers, are both named on the 1800 Census of Buncombe County, NC, where deed book 3, page 198 and Probate of Deed minutes for January 1800 name the Will of their father John, and their mother Mourning. They are selling their inheritience to Robert Patton. Exactly what was sold remains a mystery. John Ballard bought land in nearby Burke County, NC in 1795, bought land in Buncombe County in 1798, lived in Sevierville TN 1808 – 1818, lived in Roane County, TN 1828-1839, before moving to Cooper County, MO by 1840, which is believed to be the last place they lived.
Joseph Ballard 9 Nov 1794 – Nov 1884. Is buried in Buncombe County near Weaverville.
m1. Sallie Arwood
m2. Elizabeth Penland.
David Ballard 1822 – 1905
Joseph Newton Ballard
William Dennis Ballard
Burley Ballard 1907-1957


Bland Ballard, b. VA d.1791 Spotsylvania Co., VA
William Proctor Ballard, Bardstown, KY b. 1755 d. 1818 m. Elizabeth Hammett
James Ballard b. 1785 Nelson, KY d. 1846 Nelson, KY m. Jane Thompson
George Lloyd Ballard b. 1814 Nelson, KY d. 1 Jan 1889 Marion, KY
James Marion Ballard b. 4/16/1835 Marion Co, KY
Joseph Wilfred Ballard b. 6/24/1870 Louisville, KY
James Meteles Ballard b. 7/20/1900 Louisville, KY

73 thoughts on “Introduction.

  1. Dear Sir, Do you have any information regarding the Ballard Line of North Carolina My Great Great Great
    Grandmother Penelope Ballard born about 1775 married in Orange Co., N.C. to Sion Record. They did move
    to Maury Co, Tenn., and Penelope died there in 1838, she was known to visit family in Kentucky several times.
    This has been a 30 year search I so hope you can help me. You have really put a lot of work into this and I think that is wonderful. Jacqueline Record Straney

    • I am actively researching the Ballards in North Carolina, but really just beginning. You say Penelope Ballard visited family in Kentucky; can you tell me which counties in Kentucky? Do you know who they were? I remember visiting Hillsborough, the county seat in Orange County, and learning of the extremely active Great Indian Trading Path that passed in front of Ayr Mount, a beautifully preserved plantation just outside of town. That just has me wondering if it would be worthwhile to study those old roads to see where they took people. Perhaps a group of Ballards traveled to the area down one of these roads (from Virginia, presumably). Where did Sion Record’s people come from? There is actually a Trading Path Association that is working to preserve and promote this little known part of our history. This poster gives a good illustration of the route.

      • This is an amazing site. Thank you for making it public.

        Do you know anything about the William Ballard who died in Halifax, N.C in 1774? I saw him listed in the Lynne Miller work on NC Ballards but nothing about who his parents might be. When he moved to Halfiax Co. N.C., the witness for his land purchase was a Benjamin Ballard (!). This implies a close relationship, I have been told. What do you think?
        It has been written that he married Elizabeth Clopton but no proof of that has been found, to date.
        Betty Sparks

      • Betty,

        I have a long wish list of subjects to study more, and the North Carolina lines is among them. At the moment finally working through another study of the Albemarle County lines. Also on the list: the Ballards who settled in Maryland, and the Albemarle descendants who settled in North Carolina and South Carolina. I exchanged emails with John Wiesner (who graciously allowed me to publish his work) who mentioned the connection of the Ballards with the Cloptons, which he thought showed a family connection to the York county line. He said he would share that with me, but never sent it — I haven’t pestered him for it. You’re probably familiar with this note:

      • I descend from the Edward Finch mentioned in that site.(married to Martha Ballard) I can prove (to DAR standards) to William Ballard, d. 1774 in Halifax, NC. But cannot prove (yet) the Clopton connection. I think I am attemtping to do what you are attempting: to PROVE each connection. What I’ve read about existing records in Va. makes our task daunting!! I am not aware of any living male descendant of my William Ballrd to have DNA tested.If there are, I will pay for the DNA tests. I have two other lines that DNA has upended previous held beliefs but this is o.k. What we want it the truth, whatever that may be.

        Would love to hear from anyone on this line:

        And please keep me in mind with anything you might find on NC Ballards, especially WHO WAS THAT BENJAMIN BALLARD who witnessed for my William Ballard?

        Betty Sparks

      • Do you have an abstract or transcript of that deed you could share? Were there other witnesses?

        Poking around I found reference to a deed in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in which a William Ballard of Halifax County, North Carolina, sold 200 acres in Mecklenburg. This suggests that this William may formerly have lived in Mecklenburg and was selling his land there after removing to North Carolina. Ignore the comment about halifax County, Virginia — it appears (to me) that they focused on the wrong thing.

        “Does anyone know if this is William Ballard a Quaker? Have heard there was a small Quaker settlement on Banister Riv in Halifax Co VIRGINIA, Page 362. Mar 11, 1767 from William Ballard of Halifax Counry, North Caralina, to James Farrell of Meck, for 40 £, a cerrain tract at land of about 200 acres in Meck on the lower side of Allens Cr bounded by Isbell, Nowell’s{Novell, Noel??} old line, Parks, Hatchel, Roffe, new line.signed William Ballard. Wit – > Edrnund Bugg, George Freeman, Anselm Bugg. Recorded Apr13, 1767.”

      • The Deeds of Halifax CO, North Carolina 1758-1771 abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr. p. 63

        793-(389) MARY DODD and WILLIAM DODD of Lunenberg Co, Va. to WILLIAM BALLARD of Halifx Co 1 Oct. 1763 30 pounds of Virginia. 150 acres on south side of Roanoke River “near the mouth of Pork Creek” The land given to said Mary Dodd by her father’s will. Mary Dodd (x), William Dodd Wit: George Maybury (x), John Maybury, BEN BALLARD 17 Jan. 1764. AJ. : Jos. Monfort

  2. This is so cool to find! I am thoroughly researching all of my family lines, although jumping around a bit – I started back up again with the Ballards and found this blog.

    My lineage is:

    10)Col Thomas Ballard (1631 – 1688)(10th great grandfather)
    9)Col Thomas Ballard Jr. (1655 – 1711) Son of Col Thomas
    8)William Ballard (1682 – 1754) Son of Col Thomas Bland 7)William Ballard Sr. (1704 – 1792) Son of William
    6)Phillip Ballard (1750 – 1824) Son of Bland William
    5)John William Ballard I (1785 – 1875) Son of Phillip
    4)William R Ballard (1811 – 1865) Son of John William 3)Squire Woodson ‘Wood’ A Ballard (1834 – 1912) Son of William R [GGG Grandfather]
    2)Sarah Belle Ballard (1857 – ) Daughter of Squire Woodson[Great Great Grandmother]
    1)John William Figgins (1888 – 1939) Son of Sarah Belle
    [Great Grandfather]
    0)Berle Wilson Figgins Sr. (1921 – 1995) Son of John William [Maternal Grandfather]

  3. This is an outstanding web site. Perhaps you can help me. I am trying to locate the diary of Harris Ballard. It is referenced in the SAR application of Henry Smith Ballard in 1942 and also in the work of Lynn Miller. I am hoping someone has made copies of it. I am a descendant of Harris Ballard.

    • Martha,

      We’ve corresponded over the years — nice to hear from you! My source of that information was the Sons of American Revolution application you reference. I would suspect that the diary of Harris Ballard was in the possession of Henry Smith Ballard in 1942; are there cousins you’ve lost touch with who might have it, assuming it survives?

      • I thought you might be the same Stephen Ballard I communicated with many years ago. I am so impressed with your site, an enormous amount of work has gone into it and it’s a line that has never been explored before.
        I’m trying to track down the descendants of Henry. I have the SAR application but the Hatcher Family Assoc won’t accept it as proof of Harris’ children, they want a copy of the actual diary. It would be nice for everyone in the Harris line so see the actual diary. I wish I knew a Ballard male descendant for the DNA test. If I hear anything on the diary I will be sure to let you know.
        Vancouver, WA

  4. I’m hoping you can help me. My great-great-great grandmother was Charlotte Ballard, allegedly the daughter of John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley, born in 1823 (again, allegedly because years of birth on census records are suspect). She married James Matthew (Madison) Johnson, and their daughter Annie married Richard Hilary Watson. Their daughter Mary Willie married Victor Ivo Boone. Their daughter, my grandmother), Mary Willie, married William Oscar Sweat.

    I know her last name is Ballard based on death certificates of her children. She’s listed as Lottie Ballard. The one thing, try as I might, I can’t actually confirm is that John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley were her parents. She was born in Nelson County, Kentucky, and I know the Ballards were quite the presence in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky.

    The last child in your section on John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley is Ann Lucretia who was born in 1822. Could this be the same person? Were there possibly children born after Ann Lucretia?

    At present, at least with the Ballard line, I’m stuck. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Brentwood, TN

    • My knowledge of this line is limited to the secondary sources you see here, so unfortunately I have nothing more to add (at the moment, anyway).

      However, coincidentally, I have exchanged a couple of messages with another descendant of this line. May I share your email with her?

      • Yes, please share my email with her.

        I did find, in the Proctor Ballard section, a notation mentioning Charlotte (and her marriage to James Madison Johnson). She’s listed in the section about John (131) son of Proctor and Elizabeth Hammett.

        I believe she is related to this Ballard line, I’m just not sure how. My guess is that all the Ballards in Nelson County at that time were related. I’d just love to figure out her connection, and verify, if possible, if she’s the daughter of John and descended down through the generations from Thomas.


      • Hello, My name is bland Ballard the fourth I was born in Lexington Ky My father is Bland Ballard the third and my grandfather is Bland Ballard the second and so on this is amazing! My Email is share it with who ever you would like

  5. I am trying to find some information on the father of Lucy Ballard b 1799 in Virginia?? d 1882 in Dougherty County, GA. I think her father was James Ballard and it appears he died some time between 1805 and 1814. His wife was Francis ??? but later remarried and was Francis Ballard Gafford who I think died 7 Sept 1857 est.

  6. I am was so excited to have found your Ballard Blog!!
    I am searching for something specific on Thomas Ballard B: 1630 and his son Thomas Ballard, Jr B 1665 in VA. I am trying to prove Thomas (Jr.) daughter, Elizabeth who married William Smith.
    I am hoping someone might point me in the right direction or have what I am in search of.

    I do have info on Elizabeth Ballard & William Smith children. Several of their grandsons served in the American Revolution.

    • It took a while for me to find time to look into this — unfortunately, I have not researched the descendants of William Smith and Elizabeth Ballard. If there is anything you could share, it would be greatly appreciated. Everything I have on them appears on the blog.

  7. Wow! I too am glad I found this site. I am in the beginning stages of trying to locate my relatives. I was born into the family of R.S. and Thelma Hawkins Ballard August 15, 1942 in Pensacola, Florida. I was given up for adoption at birth. My father was believed to be a part of the U.S. Army at the time of my birth.

    If you can point me in some direction to begin the chase I would appreciate it. Gerald Ward

    • Gerald: The 1940 census will be out around April of this year ( and that may be a huge help in tracking your family. You can get a two week free trial on ancestry but you can also look at family trees on ancestry for free. A heads up though, many of the trees have incorrect information on them, but you may connect with others researching your tree.
      I had a couple Ballards in my line that wandered into Florida, I’ll check my line. Good luck.

  8. Greetings,
    This is a beautiful blog in both content and style! I happened upon your site while researching my own first cousin lines of the marriage between John Thomas Ballard (b. 1/6/1834) m. (9/7/1854) Effie Winlock (b. 5/13/1833). Her grandfather, General Joseph Winlock is my 4G grandfather. I believe we share many ‘allied’ family crossovers—across hundreds of years. Thanks for the excellent and responsible genealogy tome. I am grateful to find this as an inspiration for my own work.

    How did you publish the fabulous rainbow colored pedigrees to your blog? They are so easy to follow. Is there some kind of pedigree app (or Word Press app) you have used for your entire site?

    Thank you so very much,
    Jane G.D.F.R. (initials only for privacy concerns)

    • Thank you so much. I wanted pedigrees to use as illustrations of each family group so its easier to comprehend relationships. I use Mac Family Tree to keep track of all the family lines, and with it I am able to generate the pedigrees, which I then copy as a jpeg file to my desktop, then insert into each page as an illustration. See this link for more information. I can’t say if its better or worse than others; its the only one I’ve used, and it has served me well.

      I do wish I had more time to devote to the blog — I have an important update I need to work on, but the living keep interfering.

  9. Mac Family Tree rocks! I downloaded the demo after your post and LOVE it. Have struggled with reports in the (other) program I have been using…thanks TWICE today from all the living in me and our 86G,
    –Jane G.D.F.R.

  10. Stephen, is connecting William Ballard of MA with Thomas Ballard of VA with Henry and Elizabeth as parents.

    Do you have any knowledge of the relationship?

    Charleston, SC

    • I’ve seen many variations of this claim, but no proof has ever been presented, to my knowledge. Does this tree you consulted provide documentary proof? I just did a search on Ancestry and came across the following persons listed as the parents of Thomas Ballard of James City county, born 1630:

      1. William Ballard and Elizabeth Lee
      2. Henry Ballard and Anne —
      3. Thomas Ballard and — Chelsey
      4. Henry Ballard and Anna Napper
      5. William Ballard and Mary Elizabeth Grissel
      6. Thomas Ballard and Anna Napper

      I know some of these names from the Herald’s Visitations, but no proof of connections of those families with America.

    • Hi Don. I’ve been digging up Ballards for about 30 years and have seen folks try and tie the northern and southern lines together for all 30 years but no real proof has been forthcoming. I love ancestry but there is a lot of wishful thinking in some of the trees.

  11. Hello,

    Your site is very informative. Thank you for putting all of the information together. My mother’s maiden name is Ballard and we were going over the information she has on our family tree and she has our line of the family as descendants from Dowan Ballard.

    She had a few questions to verify the information that she has. Could you send me your email so I can ask them for her? My email is

    Ray Reyes

  12. Stephen;
    I am still working finding proof of Harris Ballard b. 1785 (probably really 1765) being the father of my Jesse Ballard. The SAR application of Henry Smith Ballard that refers to the diary of Harris Ballard has not been found. The only male descendant of Henry Smith Ballard died without issue and there is no existing record as to what happened to his personal effects. The SAR has been totally uncooperative regarding the application and supporting documents that may have accompanied it. The local SAR believes the national office destroyed all supporting documents they had years ago. (That made me scream) Henry Smith Ballards bio is so full of errors as to be useless. I have tracked down a few supposed descendants of Harris Ballard but none have enough interest to agree to a DNA test.
    The hunts continues.
    I spend a great deal of time at my local FHC reading microfilms. If there are any films you would like looked at I would be happy to order them and give you a report and/or scan of any records of interest.

  13. Hello. My maiden name is Ballard and I was doing some research on the name and found this. Just trying to find more info on my family. Thanks, by the way there are tons in the state of Maryland!

  14. I am interested in using your research and need to reference it. I am only ‘publishing’ to my immediate family. Can you please let me know how you wish to be referenced eg as a blog?

    I am related to the Ballards of Mecklenberg County, Virginia on my maternal grandfather. I’ve seen alot of the Ballards on my paternal grandfather Quaker side although we are not directly related.


    Trish McDonald

  15. hi Stephen,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you’re doing. I’m a descant of Bland W and have been trying to work through some of the details of the movements of the Ballard’s from VA to KY (my grandfather was Jack Ballard (Joseph Damon) of Marion County). Best, Jack Ballard, Jr.

    • Many thanks, Jack — always appreciated. Have you had a yDNA test? If you’re a descendant in the male line, you should, and participate in the Ballard DNA Group. Family Tree DNA is having a “sale” until the end of the year. The more people who test, the larger the pool of genes to compare and help sort out those nagging problems where records may not exist. Test to the highest level you’re comfortable paying for in order to get the best data.

  16. 10th – Thomas Ballard is my direct 10th great paternal grandfather. For lineage is:
    9th – Thomas Ballard, Sr. (1630-1689)
    8th – Thomas Ballard, Jr. (1654-1711)
    7th – William Ballard (1675 or 1687 – 1754)
    6th – William Ballard Jr. (1715-1794)
    5th – David Ballard (1750-1822)
    4th – Joseph Ballard (1770–1848)
    3rd – John Ballard (1793-1846)
    2nd great gfa – Gov. David Wesley Ballard (1824-1883)
    great gmo – Florence Ballard (married John Berry Slater) (1861-1934)
    gfa – Ronald Ballard Slater (1892-1972)
    fa – Ronald Ballard Slater Jr.
    Ronald Albert Slater (me)

    I have research.

  17. I understand that this site is mainly for the Ballards of VA & KY, but I was hoping someone out there could help me with some info on the Ballards of MD( Somerset/Worcester Counties). I am trying to find the parents of Daniel Ballard born 1791-94 in Snow Hill, Worcester Co. MD. He was married to Nancy Bowen on 1/7/1840. His children were my great grandfather Edward(1841) who married Mary A. Hall in 1868, William(1843) & Virginia(1848). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I see from the 1850 census that your Daniel Ballard (age 56) and his wife Nancy (along with the children you name) are enumerated on the same page as George R. (54) and Levin (65), who are probably his brothers. The three households come one after another — the proximity is no accident.

      Daniel’s house was in Manokin, in Princess Anne County, according to this National Register application.

      Levin and Daniel appear to have served in the Militia during the War of 1812, having mustered out of Somerset. See page I-59 of the attached. A “Severn Ballard” is also named. I have no idea who Severn might be, but someone of the name appears in several British publications of the time, usually as “John Severn Ballard.”

      Interestingly, a Levin Ballard is named in a lawsuit from 1769 in Somerset, which suggests it may be worth looking at this individual as a possible relation, assuming they are brothers.

      If Levin and Daniel do prove to be brothers, then you need to explore the following. The paragraph in the link below describes the lineage of one William Wirt Ballard, born in November 15, 1835. The 1850 Census mentioned above (available on shows Levin Ballard, age 65, Sally, 60, Sarah, 29, Margaret, 23, and William W., 14 (born 1835 — the census enumeration took place in September 1850).

      According to this sketch, this William Wirt Ballard was the son of Levin Ballard and Sarah M. (Willing) Ballard. Levin fought in the War of 1812 and was a Captain, as we saw from the muster list above.

      Levin’s father was Jarvis Ballard, a revolutionary war soldier.

      Jarvis’ father was a George Ballard who came to America from England in 1732.

      I don’t know the source of all this information, but its a good start. Note that it was written when William Wirt Ballard was living, so he was likely the source of this lineage.

      I find this very interesting. Your job now, I think, is to confirm whether or not Levin, Daniel and George are brothers (note: there is a William H., age 62, listed in George’s household – no clue of their relationship), and take it from there. Hope this helps.

  18. A correction: the Daniel Ballard farm referenced above belonged to a different Daniel Ballard. This is evident from reading the National Register application attached to that document.

    Interestingly, a Jarvis Ballard house survives, and is listed in the National Register as “The Waddy House.” See the Somerset County, Maryland listings here:

  19. Stephen do you have to be male in order to get in on the DNA testing? My 4th great grandfather
    was Proctor Ballard of Bardstown Ky. I descend from his 2nd wife Mary Ann Woodward..

    • I’m not an expert but I just learned that you the test to take under those circumstances is an autosomal DNA test. Family tree DNA has one called Family Finder, and it’s just $99. I just ordered it myself; no results available yet. You should do it.

  20. Stephen; While we are on the subject – I recently submitted YDNA to Family Tree for another line. I do have MT DNA on my brother, a descendant of Micajah Ballard and Thomas Ballard via our great grandmother. (solid paper trail) Would it be beneficial to the DNA study to have his results trfr’d to FT?

    • Martha, I am also a descendant of Richard and Micajah Ballard…do you have info on Richard’s ancestry? Do you think they descend from Thomas (b.1630)?

      • This isn’t Martha – Martha Cieglo has nothing to do with this blog, other than occasionally commenting.

        Personally, I do not believe that Richard Ballard from Essex/Caroline was a relation of Thomas Ballard of James City County. There are no geographic or familial connections that I have come across.

      • Hello Mary.
        I have never even tried to trace Richard Ballard. I am hoping DNA tests will point us in the right direction. Have you submitted any dna? The Ballard matches I have had with DNA confirm the Richard relationship but have not seen any results that take us back farther. Stephen would know more than I do on this.

  21. Hello Stephen,
    I have just started researching this side of my family tree. I have just discovered the Ballards in my roots. I am in KY…ran into the Ballard Lineage 4 generations back… 4 times Gt, her father Larkin Ballard, his father Phillip, and his father William Ballard…places of birth are Monroe Co, VA, St. Ann’s Parish Essex Co Va, and Orange Co, Va. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much.
    Joyce Bowling

    • Is there anyway I can be of help? My great grandmother was Sarah Bertha Ballard Born in 1879 in Lexington, KY. Apparently, via some information my aunt sent to me, her grandfather was a Henry Ballard who was from Fayette County, KY and married Eliza Jane Griggs. Henry and Eliza had a son named James who we believe was Sarah Bertha Ballards father. At one time I understood that I would need to find a Ballard family sponsor to do any testing. So far, I have not been able to find any that I know of. Any thoughts appreciated. John Ballard Heuring Jr.

      • Clarified a little better: Henry Ballard who married Eliza Jane Griggs in 1846 and had one child (that I know of) James (b.1847) who married Anna Devorah White in Fayette, Cnty,KY in 1870 and had a child Sarah Bertha Ballard.

      • Hi Stephen, I don’t really have the total resources or knowledge to do much more than google around online to the various ancestry related forums as I have done over the years. Haven’t had much luck. Of course i have always hoped something new would turn up online. Quite a few “Henry” Ballards out there it would seem but haven’t seen any trees that have been put together that might conform to that date (1846) with a Henry, James or, of course, the Griggs or White maiden names as spouses. Of course I was hoping my tree info may help someone else fill in some blanks as well. If Henry married in 1846 it would mean, I would think, it would have put him to have been born in the 1830 + or – time frame?? I guess it is possible it could have been a second marriage when he had James.

  22. Good evening Stephen.
    I wonder if you would be kind enough to send me an e-mail where I can send you a confidential message/question regarding a Y-DNA test result.
    Thank you,

  23. Steven,
    I believe that I am a descendant of Col. Thomas Ballard of James City. I don’t know if you want to here from me; my name is Richard Thomas. I have researched my family lines back to Thomas Ballard through John Ballard of Mechlenburg County Virginia. I would be willing to send my documented genealogy work to you to decide if my participation in the DNA project would be helpful. At any rate my file would certainly be helpful some some people. I would participate with DNA. I won’t log in or request notices until I know what you have to say.

  24. I have been trying to find out who are the parents of a Dudley Ballard. He was born between 1740 and 1750 I believe In North Carolina or Virginia. I have had my DNA done. I have Been searching for over 5 years and cannot find anything. He was married to A Sallie Duke.

    • If you’re tracing the male line, you need to test (or cause to be tested) a male relative with the Ballard surname. Unfortunately, I don’t have much on the Dudley Ballard who married Sallie Duke. I’ve seen records online, and he is on my “to do” list, but I don’t have an answer for you. Has a male Ballard relative of yours been tested?

  25. I noticed that somebody said this site was primarily for Va and KY lines. I hope it’s okay for me to post. I finally found the line of descent to Reuben Ballard’s wife Apsilla (who was also a Ballard, daughter of Abraham of Perquimans, NC, perhaps cousins?) of NC, GA and KY. I’m interested in Reuben and Apsilla because they were in the same places as my Humphrey Ballard of Granvillle, NC and Wilkes Co., GA. As far as I can tell, Reuben and Apsilla left Wilkes for Mercer County, Kentucky. Reuben died about 1820 in Warren Co., KY. I can trace Apsilla’s line but not Reuben’s. I am so stuck with Humphrey Ballard that I am looking at a lot of Ballard lines. Reuben and Humphrey did interact by witnessing some deeds, etc. Can anyone out there help me? I have found a male Ballard, descended from Humphrey, who is submitting his DNA for Y-37. I’m putting a lot of hope in this test.
    Jane Brazell Sisolak

    • Please read the introduction. I began with Virginia and Kentucky (my own lines) but have branched out into following the lines wherever they go, and lately concentrating on North Carolina. I’ve seen your postings on newsgroups about this line, and I’m very interested in learning more. And I’m definitely looking forward to learning the yDNA results of the descendant of Humphrey Ballard.

      • FTDNA received the Ballard DNA from Humphrey’s line today. I will let you know as soon as I know something. Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking.
        Jane Brazell Sisolak

      • That’s really awesome. I’ve been working with a couple of other researchers on trying to figure out these Virginia/North Carolina lines. I’ve only recently (in the last year) started studying them in earnest.

      • Question: what are your thoughts on this deed abstract from Warren County, NC? Do you think Humphrey is William’s brother? A son? A cousin?

        DB-l, page 71. 19 August 1765. WILLIAM BALLARD, Planter, to my loving son JOHN BALLARD, both of Bute Co. Deed of Gift, for love, good will & affection, to all lands, goods & chattles in my present possession in Bute Co., already delivered to him and contained in an inventory of this same date. Wit: HUMPHREY BALLARD, MATTHEW MACKMILLION, JOHN EDWARDS. Deed, with schedule annexed, proved by MATTHEW McMILLION, Bute January Court 1766, and Ordered Registered, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C. Schedule lists: 186 A. of land, description of marks of livestock, etc. Wit: HUMPHREY BALLARD, MATTHEW MACMILN, JOHN EDWARDS. Proved by MATHEW McMILON, Bute January Court 1766, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C.Deed & Schedule Reg: 4 November 1766, by WILLM. JOHNSON, P.R.

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